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Kool focus Interview

Describe your writing process, from concept to publishing. How do you stay motivated?

I only write when I have a beat that make me want to write to it. A allot of artist write with out a beat. I can but don’t because you’ll have to get the beat made. And it’s still not gone come out the way you wrote it. But I don’t do my publishing into the song done. Never no if you want to change some words into the song is recorded.
2. Other than music what are some your other passions and hobbies?

Can’t say I have any other passions & hobbies right now. I’m to focus on making music. And thinking about the next move to get me where I need to be. I use too love drawing, might get back into it one day.
3. How are you with social media?”

I’m all over social media. I just need to be into it more. I don’t feel I be posting enough on the sites I’m on. I’m still building my fan base up. So every body that read this follow & friend me on what ever social media sites you on.
4. What’s your dream job?


My dream job is to do what I’m already doing. And to have every artist that’s gone be down on my label. Music out here in the club’s city to city, state to state. And all over the internet. Making money & a name for their self.

5. Provie links here to your work and profiles


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